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Our Impression of White Musk Unisex

White Musk Unisex
Our Impression of White Musk Unisex
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Our Impression of White  Musk by Generic Perfumes

Musk Oil is a very popular fragrance


His coat is thick, creamy ... Its fresh smell, soft and slightly flowery with a spicy base 

For those who do not yet know Musk, it is likely that you might want to get it after reading ... And because this musk is used by men and women to wear perfume, but it is also used by women for intimate hygiene.

Musk Tahara, natural cleansing

Literally, the word "tahara" means "to be cleansed of defilements," and that musk is strongly recommended for this ritual that is specific to Muslim women and is a Sunnah. Fresh, sweet, with a very pleasant smell, it is a fragrance that lasts and that allows for the cause of Allah to overcome certain ailments.

 "This is by the use of perfume is to remove the bad smell, it is better for any woman who purifies rules (or post-natal bleeding called nifas). And it is detestable to the one that can, to abandon it if it does not find musk, it uses any other fragrance, and if it finds nothing, the water enough. "

Thus, when the menstrual period is over, the woman should be cleaned with a scented fabric to be purified.

The benefits of musk tahara

- It purifies the uterus

- It reduces secretions

- It stops odors

- It helps prevent infection

- It eliminates irritations

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