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Generic Perfumes is a part of a small, yet dedicated, family business. We started in Kuwait almost five years ago and, down the road, we were able to collect a lot of experience. After having more than 6,000 satisfied customers. Meeting this customer satisfaction requires three basic principles: service, selection, and quality. Because of the dedication and superior customer service offered by our Associates, Generic Perfumes has been successful at upholding all three, while maintaining fantastic discount pricing.
We opened our online store so that anyone can enjoy our products. This is something we always wanted to do and now that this “Internet thing” has officially exploded, we are here to provide you with the best perfumes oil, no matter where you live. 


We are entirely dedicated to the client's satisfaction. We chose the highest quality of oils that is the closest smell to the niche perfumes in the market.  If you are happy, we have done a good job. In our online retailer, there are some special features, that you will be able to enjoy.
1. First of all, we have a huge Perfume Oil list of over 3,500 Fragrances and Perfumes Oils. This makes us one of the biggest online retailers in this niche and it is something we are proud of.
2. All our perfumes oils are 100% free from alcohol. This is just to say how much we care about the quality and health factor in everything we sell.
3. We do not only sell perfumes Oils and fragrances but essential oils and aroma diffusers as well. We have a wide selection of those too.
4. We ship internationally as well so that everyone can enjoy our fragrances Oils. No matter where you live, we will send you what you ordered. The best part? All orders are processed in just 2 days.