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02 Jan Generic Perfumes Oil
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After dressing classy, sexy etc. depending on your occasion, how you scent will either attract or send people away from you. We at Generic Perfumes are tasked with not only providing the best niche pe..
02 Aug Reasons to buy your perfume oil and fragrance oil from Generic Perfumes
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Today, it is important to note that the fragrance/perfume market is crowded. And this is a big problem because this alone will give birth to many fake products, in fact, the number of counterfeit prod..
15 Sep Welcome to Generic Perfumes Store
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Where to Buy Fragrance Oil On Many Occasions you may have come across with a person whose perfume smell mesmerizes and make you feeling attracted towards them! is an eminent suppl..
30 Jan Perfume Oils, Essential Oils and How to Use Them
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Perfume Oils, Essential Oils and How to Use ThemPerfume oils, or Niche perfume oils, are not exactly the same as essential oils because they are synthetically made and don’t possess the same natural h..
06 Aug Are oils safe to use?
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    The fact that is oils are uncut and concentrates refers to the fact that we are not diluting our end product in the hopes of making more money. We believe that fragrance is a way to make memories ..
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