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Wax Melts 3 pcs x 75 Gram

Wax Melts 3 pcs x 75 Gram
Wax Melts 3 pcs x 75 Gram
Wax Melts 3 pcs x 75 Gram
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Wax Melts 3 pcs x 75 Gram
Wax Melts 3 pcs x 75 Gram
Wax Melts 3 pcs x 75 Gram
Wax Melts 3 pcs x 75 Gram
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  • Brand: Our Impression of Perfume Offers
  • Product Code:: Sample Pack
  • Weight: 300.00g
  • SKU: Melt01

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Nice and affordable Scented Wax Melts to add an amazing touch to your home by making it smells as your favorite perfume. More than 4300 perfume scents are available to get the warm cozy feeling at your home or office.

Each pack comes with 8 individual wax cubes that when used in companion with wax melters, bring joy and pure relaxation. For smaller wall plug-in melters, we recommend using 1 cube. For medium-sized wax melters, we recommend using 2-3 of the wax cubes. For a larger-sized wax melter, we recommend 3-4 cubes.

Each Wax Melt is made using high-quality phthalate & paraben-free fragrance oils, cotton wicks and plant-based eco Soy Wax Blends with no nasty additives. All candles are hand-poured In Kuwait

Wax Melts inspired by Perfumes

Each pack is 75 Gram

You can Pick your favorite scent from any Perfume oils in GP

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