Yes, it's summer, it's starting, and for me like most people I'm starting to think about going out, holidays and trips, and they've become a big part of my thinking.

Perfume makers are aware of these things and what smells can evoke for us in terms of memories, ideas and adventures about the places we visited or even that we did not visit, and about the people who were with us or met them there, these perfumes bring back those memories and are more refreshing and give a sense of vitality and activity.

People these days are turning to the internet, especially social media, to find perfumes that are classified as trendy for the season, in pursuit of the perfect summer scent. Therefore, we researched and followed the opinions of influencers and followers about the popularity of perfumes in the summer of 2023, and we put them in this article.

Trendy perfumes in Summer 2023 :

1-      Our Impression of Maison Francis Kurkdjian - Aqua Vitae for unisex - A+

2-      Our Impression of Dolce & Gabbana - D&G Light Blue for Women

3-      Our Impression of Dolce & Gabbana - Light Blue Pour Homme for Man

4-      Our Impression of Parfums de Marly - Haltane for Man - A++

5-      Our Impression of Ex Nihilo - Lust in Paradise for Women

6-      Our Impression of Christian Dior - Eden-Roc for Unisex - Grade A+

7-      Our Impression of Montale - Blue Matcha for Unisex - A+

8-      Our Impression of Giorgio Armani - My Way for Women A+

9-      Our Impression of Maison Martin Margiela - Whispers in the Library for Unisex - Grade A+

10-   Our Impression of Chanel - Paris – Paris for Women A+

11-   Our Impression of Maison Francis Kurkdjian - Aqua Universalis - A+

12-   Our Impression of Jo Malone London - Wood Sage & Sea Salt for Unisex - A+

13-   Our Impression of Yves Saint Laurent - Lanuit De L'homme for Man

14-   Our Impression of Tom Ford - Costa Azzurra Acqua for Unisex - A+

15-   Our Impression of Issey Miyake - L'Eau d'Issey Pour Homme