Common question

We receive hundreds of customer enquiries every day, so in order to provide easier access to information by our customers we have listed below some of the more common questions we receive. Of course, our Customer Services Department is always ready to help and can be reached at any time via e-mail.

  • Please wanted to find out more about the oils are they same smell as the Sealed perfumes?  Definitely, We sell Perfumes oils and Essential oils Concentrated that Impression of the Sealed perfumes, our products are always high quality and fresh
  • Where are they from? our Oils Imported from France, Essential oils from India.
  • Oils are they same smell as the Sealed perfumes? Most of them 80 to 99% the same our product Impression of the Sealed Perfume
  • Do you provide samples? We provide free samples when they are available, but we cannot guarantee they will be included with all orders. We offer free samples with sample packs and any order above 50 USD
  • Would you be able to find something not listed on your website? We will try to perform the best service for our customers, so if you need any products not exist in our website please send an email contain the name and any details, our email (
  • Do your oils contain alcohol? No, the only items we offer that contain alcohol would be the perfumes Spray.
  • Are your fragrances long lasting? This is another loaded question without an easy, quick answer. The lasting power of any Oil greatly depends on how that Oil works with the body chemistry of the person who is wearing it. Body Chemistry can make a Oil smell different from one person to another. Also, your skin type will effect how long a fragrance will last. If your skin is dry, Oil tend to dissipate faster. Where you apply your Oil also effects how long it will last. A Oil is best on pulse points directly on the skin, not clothes. Oil are made up of multiple layers (notes) so it does take several hours to truly evaluate how a Oil is wearing on your body. That all said, feedback from our customers tells us that the Oil are long lasting, most lasting shower to shower. 
  • Why do perfumes smell different on different people? Your own body chemistry affects how different notes react on your skin. Anything that affects the "natural" smell of your skin, such as stress, hormonal changes, your current diet or medications, might change how a perfume smells on you. For a more detailed explanation.
  • How can I make my perfume last longer on my skin? All other things being equal, perfumes evaporate more rapidly from dry skin, so the best way to make the fragrance last longer is to use a relatively heavy body lotion or cream. Some people like to buy the "matching" cream for their fragrance, but you can also use an unscented cream Note : all our products are safety to use in skin.
  • What is the difference between essential oil and perfume oil? Essential oils are volatile, fragrant liquids extracted from plant leaves, bark, wood, stems, flowers, seeds, buds, roots, resins and petals, usually through steam distillation. In other words, they are raw materials that can be used to create perfumes. They are highly concentrated and apart from a few exceptions, should not be used directly on the skin, although they can be diluted in a carrier oil, such as jojoba, for such use.

    Perfume oils are fragrance components, natural or synthetic, in an oily base rather than an alcohol base, and can be used directly on the skin.

Shipping and Delivery

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How long will it take to get my order?
Once we have received your payment, your order will usually be dispatched within 48 hours and you will receive an email confirmation once it ships with the tracking number.

Can i Cancel my Order?
Since we use automated order processing and warehouse systems, we are unable to cancel or modify your order once it has been submitted. If you have any other questions, please contact our customer service department.

How can I track my order?

If your order was shipped by Express (TNT/DHL) then you can track your order.

You can also use your own country's postal service's website if they have an EMS tracking option available online.

For registered airmail, only limited tracking is available and only after a certain period from the date of dispatch, normally 10  working days. 

Please note no tracking is available for non-registered airmail

What if my order hasn't arrived after 45 postal days?
All information supplied to us by the postal services is automatically updated in our online tracking service.
If your order has not been delivered within the expected delivery time, please contact your local postal.
If you are unable to find your order, please contact us and we will gladly follow up on your behalf. Remember to include your order number in all correspondence to ensure prompt service.

How will I know when my order has been shipped?
After placing your order, an e-mail confirmation will automatically be sent to you with your unique order number.
Please add our e-mail to your address book, or ensure you have disabled any spam filters you may have so that our e-mails can be received.
An e-mail will also be sent to you when your order has been shipped which will have the date and reference number for your package. Orders are shipped within 48 hours after the order has been placed.